Monday, January 4, 2010

Teacher's Gift

(Back of clip board)
I have a very good friend who's a 4th grade teacher. I wanted to give her something cool but practical. Here's what I came up with. It's an acrylic clipboard purchased at an office supply store. I've altered the back of it. I wanted something she could use on a daily basis but that also looked good. This acrlyic clipboard is pretty and functional.
(Front side of clip board)
I used all CTMH products. The paper is attached to the back of the clipboard with CTMH's liquid glass. Tip: work quickly and with lots of liquid glass. You can use a foam paint brush or a flat bone folder type item to spread the liquid glass. Whatever you use make sure to spread it in the same direction, up and down or back and forth, evenly and all the way to the edge. I used a Aleene's spray acrylic sealer on the paper to help it adhere well. When you lay the paper down you want to make sure to get all of the air bubbles out so the paper will lay flat. Remember to work quickly. Now that the paper is attached and dried, use the spray acrylic sealer to seal the paper and prep it for mod podge. I gave mine a couple of light coats before using the mod podge. After drying I added several light coats of mod podge with a paint brush. Make sure to cover any overlapping paper edges really well (that means several coats). I found that mod podging worked best when the items seams are guled down well. If it's not you can use the mod podge as a glue and keep going over it until it's sealed. When you are satisfied with your mod podge and it's dry spray a couple of more coats of the acrylic sealer. The sealer kept the item from bubbling and feeling sticky or tacky.
Products used:
Twitterpated Paper,
Chocolate, Sorbet, & White ribbon
Key to My Heart
Aspiration (C1340)


Anonymous said...

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Mod Podge Amy said...

Awesome! I absolutely love clipboards, especially with Mod Podge. :D