Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I know I know... long time no post

So are you thinking what I'm thinking? I've really gotta change this wallpaper.
Well I'm sure Christmas is buzzing all around you. I am so sorry to have neglected this blog. I've been working on several things to share with you. One of them is my Christmas cards. I created these homey little cards with all CTMH products. I really wanted something unique to send.

I made about 26 cards with a photo insert. Each card was a little different. I sent these to the people I think would appreciate it and not instantly gag at another photo card. ( I personally love getting the photo cards. It's so personal)
This is the cover, without the top ribbon, for last year's cookie recipe swap with Tina Sutton. I changed my up a bit, but I think it's totally fun.

I pray the Christmas spirit fills your heart today and throughout the new year. God Bless You and Yours!


Anonymous said...

Your photo cards are beautiful...and anyone who would "gag" at getting one is CRAZY! Thanks for sharing! It gives me so much inspiraton for next years card.

...Darlene said...

Love your Christmas Card!