Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Create a FANtastic Football Party

Here are some tips/ideas to help make your next game day FANtastic!

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Decoration ideas:
  • Set the table with a grass table cloth. You can purchase indoor/outdoor green grass carpeting from a local hardware store and use it as the foundation for your tablescape. Then use white athletic tape or electrical tape to create the yard lines. You can substitute green felt in place of the grass.
  • Mark the party spot with your team colors: Decorate around your mailbox and front door in your team colors by hanging team bunting and or a team flag.
  • Make Football brownies and sandwiches by using a football shaped cookie cutter.
  • Have your own stadium cups made in your teams colors to commemorate the date and event.
  • Paint the face's of your guests in your teams logo, or give an extra gift to those who come with theirs painted.
  • Make sure all guests have a team pom-pom and wear their team colors.
  • Give a special gift to the Best Dressed guest.


  • Divide into two teams Home and Visitors; have a paper football champion ship during breaks.
  • During half time, take it outside and see who's the best kicker. Let each guest try to kick a field goal. The furthest in bounds kick wins.
  • While outside have everyone try their hand at being the quarter back. Take a piece of plywood and cut three holes out of it three times the size of the football. Then give each a score, 10, 20, 30. Each person gets 4 passes. If the throw makes through a hole then the person get the amount of points allotted for that hole. The person with the most points wins.
  • Create a trivia game relevant to your favorite team. Divide the group into two teams; Home and Visitors. The team with the most correct answers wins.
  • Have a trophy made and award it to the winner of your day's games. That person/team is responsible for hosting the next event.

FANtastic Football Party Tips:
  • Start the pre-game party an hour to an hour and a half before Kick Off
  • Warm up the mood with food, drinks, and your own pre-games
  • Have friendly competition during commercials and the half time break
  • Keep score, The Home Team & The Visitors
  • Award a trophy to the winning team, they have to host the next event

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